SponsorSA is the brainchild of Alison Spratley, whose career in marketing has seen her act on behalf of sponsors, as the sponsoring party and as a supplier to sponsorship properties.

“I found it incredulous that marketing management has to wade through pages and pages from at least 50 proposals that land on their desks, every day!

There are brands, big and small, that are looking to support projects in South Africa be they education, sport, community or entertainment but they only get to see those that bang their drum loud enough, and quite frankly those who are well connected.

Some sponsorship properties have found themselves priced out of the market, which leaves marketers looking for that something special – but affordable whilst meeting their communication objectives.

So quite simply – I decided to start an online portal that lists all the properties we can list for marketing management to peruse at their leisure – even delegate this task to their own agencies, advertising, public relations or event managers – but it’s one place to look!"

So it’s a win all round

  • Marketers can research potential properties!Properties can list their ideas to sponsorship decision markers
  • Both properties and marketers can source suppliers in the sponsorship industry
  • And keeping up with the news on who is doing what gives everyone a push to see the standards, the creativity and value in this industry
  • So I pulled together some of my suppliers whom I have great admiration for and have worked with over many years to assist in building a unique valuable product for the marketing industry.“ - Alison Spratley
  • SponsorSA is part of BrandVision Communications, a marketing, media and communications consultancy that is owned by Alison Spratley


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